Pulling Pin: Pull the Pin

Pulling Pin: Pull the Pin

Noctua Soft
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Game overview

Pull the Pin is a relaxing yet challenging puzzle game where players use physics to pull the pin in the right order and guide the balls to the jar while avoiding traps and trickery.

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Experience the ultimate puzzle ASMR game with Pull The Pin! Gamers will enjoy testing their brains with this unique gameplay from Popcore. Can you pull the pins in the right order to utilize physics to your advantage? Unlike other games, Pull The Pin offers simple yet tricky gameplay that will challenge your brain power. The gravity pulls the ball down towards the pipe but the pins are preventing Popcore players from reaching their goal. Get ready to encounter some cool trickery in this fun game. Some balls are placed near traps, while others have no color at all.

Start off slowly by removing just one pin and watch the Popcore balls fall into the pipe. As you progress through each level, you'll be faced with even more challenging ASMR puzzles that will test your problem-solving skills. The game offers an infinite number of levels, ensuring that you will be entertained for hours and will never tire of the relaxing yet challenging gameplay.

Popcore players will love the game's skins and find that it is an ideal time killer that is both fun and relaxing. During the gameplay, the objective is to place marbles, balls, and candies in a jar by avoiding bombs, traps, and trickery. The unique gameplay mechanics offer a fun yet challenging experience.

In Pull The Pin, the gameplay is simple but tricky! Use your brainpower to help the Popcore balls go down the pipe and into the jar. Puzzle-solving skills are essential to progress through each level, placing ASMR and physics to the test. The game offers unique and relaxing yet challenging gameplay that is perfect for gamers of all levels.

In this ultimate battle of Brain vs Physics, who will emerge victorious? Enjoy an ASMR and Puzzle experience that promises a fun and relaxing time. Pit Balls versus Pins in this unique gameplay that is both challenging and easy to play. Dive into Pull The Pin, and get ready to experience the ultimate puzzle ASMR game around!
Noctua Soft
Release date
Sep 21, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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