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Psycho Boy: Dasshutsu Game

Game overview

Escape from everyday life in this free and easy-to-play puzzle game. Solve mysteries through psycho behaviors, with new stages added regularly.

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Do you dare to be different? Not good at reading the room?

Turn your psycho behavior into something amazing and lead yourself to victory.
Can you do it with your friends?

●How to play:
・ Tap the screen and watch what happens.
・ Occasionally, you may get an item.
・ Use items by dragging and dropping.

If you get stuck somewhere, don't worry! There are hints to help you out. This is a "relaxing escape" game that inherits the atmosphere of brother apps "Avoid Being Alone" and "Long Boy".

●Recommended points:
・ Completely free and easy, recommended for families!
・ Play with school friends, for both boys and girls! Play with your family to make great conversation!
・ Full of everyday elements, making it a great conversation starter at school!
・ Various creatures and animals appear, perfect for those seeking relaxation.
・ For those who love collecting things!
・ It is moderately difficult, making it great for brain training.
・ Even if you're not good at escape games, you can still enjoy it!
・ A simple escape game with a nostalgic puzzle that will bring back memories.

●Stage introduction:
"The Dangerous Transfer Student" - The name of the boy who transferred.
"Psycho Crossing" - Can't Stop at Red?
"Baths Are a Pain" - Jump in with your clothes on
"Psycho Sketch" - I am good at drawing portraits.
"School Lunch Curry" - Clean your mouth after eating.
"Temptation of Emergency Bell" - Because there was a switch there.
"Panicking Crocodile" - I'm interfering with my mouth.
"Psycho Haircut" - I'm good at haircuts.
"Imaginary Friend" - Talk to your imaginary friend during lunch break.
"Psycho Cinema" - More startling than a horror movie?
"Psycho Cook" - This always happens when I cook.
"My Thing Rotation Sushi" - Yours and mine.
"Imaginary Friend 2" - Where did you go? My friend.
"Bitter Valentine" - Making sweets turns out like this.
"Merry Christmas Psycho" - A feeling of approaching a couple on a date.
"Cheer Up My Friend" - How to encourage a depressed friend.
"Take Out the Trash" - Oh, there's a lot of garbage there.
"Psycho Delivery" - I didn't deliver it to the right address.
"Psycho Doctor" - You will get better soon.
"I Want a Shield" - One of the heroes who should not act in reality.
"Eat A Lot!" - Aim to win the cup noodle eating contest.
"Insect Catching Contest" - It's not just catching them.
"August 31st" - Last day of summer vacation, homework? What's that?
"Sa 〇 ko VS Psycho" - Who is stronger? The ultimate battle of fear.
"No Rules Oni Tag" - Just catch it?
"Please Give Me an Egg" - I became a caretaker for a chicken.
"First Errand" - Just buy it?
"Halloween Overkill" - Sometimes people try too hard on their costumes.
"Thief VS Psycho" - Psycho meets a thief.
"Psycho's Day" - How to use birthday presents.

"??? - Ending stage

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・Meatball font
・Checkpoint ★ Revenge
・Checkpoint font
・Fui font
・Corporate logo B
・Kouzan brush font
・Armored Ming

※The distribution site for "Checkpoint Font / Checkpoint Font" is currently unavailable.
Release date
Oct 12, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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