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Immerse yourself in Psyche60s, a VR experience of the Human Be-In. Explore history of San Fran's Summer of Love.

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Psyche60s is not just a VR experience but an immersive journey that explores the cultural shift that occurred in San Francisco in the 1960s. Created by the acclaimed photographer, Roberto Rabanne, this experience features a remarkable blend of original music soundtracks, historical insights, psychedelic art, and vivid recreations of the iconic Human Be-In event that took place in Golden Gate Park Polo Fields on January 14, 1967. More than 20,000 people gathered to celebrate the power of psychedelics and embrace a new wave of counterculture that revolutionized American society.

Psyche60s showcases the transformative power of the Summer of Love, which transformed the Haight-Ashbury district into a vibrant hub of artistic expression and experimentation. Historians categorize the ‘Summer of Love’ as a pivotal social experiment that instigated the young people to question the existing social structures, norms, and practices. The event became a catalyst for change, inspiring people to strive for equality, justice and freedom.

Psyche60s offers you an opportunity to travel back in time to those revolutionary years and discover the key influencers and artists who shaped the psychedelic era. You will get a chance to explore Alice in Wonderland-themed topiary gardens, walk into the massive Psychedelic Victorian House and feel the vibe of the times. Inside the House, you will encounter visionaries who changed the face of modern culture with their groundbreaking ideas and artistic expression. Step into their world and learn how each of them left a significant impact on society in ways that still resonate with us today. Take your time and get lost in the immersive, joyous atmosphere of Psyche60s- a journey of unforgettable marvels!
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Jun 13, 2023
Single player

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