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Proton Pulse Plus": Classic arcade brick-breaking action in new VR perspective. Defeat M.O.A.I.'s core with energy ball. Proceeds support VR title "Vanguard V".

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Proton Pulse Plus is now available on mobile VR with advanced graphics, improved audio effects, multiple upgrades, and unlockable bonuses – a whole new experience! Every penny earned from this game goes towards the development of the next VR sensation – “Vanguard V”, which you can preview on the Google Play Store or at

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with your Google Daydream. Brace yourself for the classic arcade brick-smashing action but with a new, exciting angle. You must now save the universe from the clutches of M.O.A.I – an unknown entity. The world’s destiny lies in your hands! You’ve been granted the privilege to participate in the ultimate game of atomic paddleball in the third dimension. By directing the Proton, an energy ball of epic proportions, you can obliterate the M.O.A.I. core, destroy your enemies and win. With the Space-Time Dilator, you can deftly turn an almost certain loss into a secure victory. However, can you conquer M.O.A.I. in over 50 levels and defeat him at his own game?

Jake Kaufman [Virt], Dan Behrens [Danimal Cannon], and Justin Moravetz [Rave-TZ] have contributed to the game's background music to elevate the gaming experience.
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Single player