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Project Tokyo Dolls

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Fight unknown threats as super-powered "DOLLS," with heroic idol origins, in this dark-fantasy tap game with 3D models & unique 2-sided gameplay.

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Square Enix presents a tap game unlike any other, combining "beautiful girls" and "battle" elements. In this dark fantasy story, idol girls who have surpassed death and become "DOLLS" fight against unknown threats in the city of Tokyo. Behind the calm, unchanging scenery and daily life lies a secret battle fought by these girls.

While they appear to be a popular idol group, DOLLS are actually a combat organization under government control. For years, a foreign entity known as "Pygmalion" has lurked within Tokyo, devouring people unnoticed. The monster's influence has spread throughout the city, but those who lost their memories and emotions to the creature remain oblivious to the situation.

Only nine chosen individuals with exceptional abilities are capable of resisting Pygmalion. These nine beautiful girls are reborn as dolls, sacrificing their emotions and memories in exchange for extraordinary power that surpasses death. The fate of the idols, who have been forced into a harsh battle, is known only by the mysterious "Gear" that shines on their chests.

Experience the highest possible 3D model quality as you control beautiful girls on your smartphone. Eleven talented voice actresses bring these unique heroines to life in this one-of-a-kind competition. Meet Sakura, an earnest girl who has just joined DOLLS, Misaki, whose calm demeanor is beyond her years, Shioli, a gentle and elegant girl, Reina, DOLLS’ leader, who is passionate and lively, Hiyu, a friendly and lively girl, Nanami, a quiet girl who always keeps her distance, Aya, a fashion-conscious girl with a nose for the latest trends, Yuki, a mysterious girl whose quiet expression conceals her true thoughts, Yamada, whose sleepy expression perfectly matches her leisurely personality, and Setsuna Madarame, the head of Doll House, a talent agency for idols, and Kana Nanda, a multi-talented female employee who handles scheduling and consultations at Doll House.

Despite their outward appearances as idols powered by phials, DOLLS have a secret identity as powerful fighters against unknown enemies. By recovering their phials, their memories and emotions are gradually restored. The memories they regain include the moments before their deaths. By recollecting their entire life stories from birth to their death, these idols become even more powerful new beings.

The game features an auto mode that automatically attacks enemies, making it easy for even those who are not good at games to play. If you like beautiful girls, idols, beautiful girl-raising games, or free idol games, this game is perfect for you. Customize your 3D beautiful girls, become a master and raise your idols, enjoy beautiful girl battles, look for RPG games where beautiful girls and idols fight, enjoy full-scale battle RPG games or action games, explore the dual nature of idols, love dark fantasy, want to read beautiful girl stories, enjoy beautiful girl anime, want to give gifts to idols and become friends with them, want to play a unique beautiful girl battle RPG, or just simply looking for a game with easy controls and stunning 3D graphics.

Recommended requirements include an Android 8.0 or higher operating system, while the game is compatible with Android 6.0 to 10.0. The game also requires at least 3GB of RAM.
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