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Join the final battle for the last Ark as Admiral Masae fights to save humanity from rising sea levels in turn-based RPG Project NOAH.

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Experience an epic turn-based naval RPG with a gripping story and a diverse cast of characters. Introducing Project NOAH, also known as Project Noah or ProNoa, it features a constantly-evolving story and characters.

Planet NOAH is slowly getting swallowed by the rising sea level caused by tectonic movements. Following the "Global Human Migration Plan" devised by the AI named "Emzara," humanity starts building a giant immigrant ship called the "Second Cradle." Simultaneously, they search for 12 "arks" to control the Second Cradle and people with special abilities named "admirals." However, three factions emerged from an argument about how to deal with humanity's migration: the "Global Migration Faction" who want to migrate everyone, the "Chosen Migration Faction" who want to migrate only the selected people, and the "End-Time Faction" who claim that humanity should return to the sea with Planet NOAH. This causes a war, the "Succession War," between admirals representing each faction. And now, the last ark is found. Will they resist or perish? The hero, Mio Funezaki, participates in the last Succession War to determine the fate of humanity.

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Release date
Sep 12, 2019
Single player


Project Noah Android Gameplay [1080p/60fps]Uptodown
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【DTXMania】 With A Wish/嘴音 杏 『Project NOAH – プロジェクト・ノア 』OP緑茶シンドローム
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