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Pro Strategy Football 2021 is the ultimate football game where every decision counts, featuring managing, coaching, live games, simulated seasons, realistic results, and endless customization options.

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Introducing Pro Strategy Football 2021, the ultimate football game experience where every decision matters. Whether you prefer managing, coaching, streaming live games, or simulating seasons, PSF 2021 caters to all preferences, including the stats junkies.

As a manager, you'll scout free agents and rookies while making critical decisions. Meanwhile, as a head coach, you'll experience the thrill of leading a last-minute drive. PSF 2021 delivers real excitement as you watch college games enter their fifth overtime.

The revamped simulation engine is incredibly accurate, producing realistic results every time. Players will enjoy the added realism of new "Run Usage" and "Pass Usage" options, which give teams their unique style and personality. Whether you're playing with a tight end-oriented passing attack team, a run and shoot team, or a grinding team from the 50s, the gaming experience remains authentic.

You can customize every league's sounds, images, and rules, including quick sets that replicate rules from the 1940s to the present day. You can also enjoy a Canadian feel by playing with three downs! PSF 2021 offers new animation options for customizing the game to your liking, including the ability to play any song as your background music.

The game includes a Pro 2021 league and a starter college league with 130 teams, and over thirty schedules (as csv files) from which to choose. Modders are already creating more leagues, image sets, sounds, and schedules, so you can play any real season or create your own dream matchups.

With PSF 2021, players can create custom brackets from 2 to 32 teams for post-season or standalone bracket tournaments and enjoy an incredible career play environment. You can load a custom schedule for each season, choose to scramble teams, set playoff formats, and toggle on or off free agents (and specify the number of free agents).

Further features abound in PSF 2021, including the Scenario Editor in Quick Play, where players can set a game's teams, rules, quarter, time, and number of timeouts, among other things, and simply watch or take one of the teams as a coach. Overall, PSF 2021 is jam-packed with features and will keep gamers discovering new gameplay elements for months on end.
Pro Strategy Games
Release date
Sep 19, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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