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Roll dice, build kingdoms, raid friends, and win prizes in exotic worlds. Join clubs or attack friends' boards in unique mini games.

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Have fun with your Facebook pals and millions of members worldwide to create your own realm, raid your pals, and achieve FANTASTIC REWARDS as you progress!

Enjoy playing a dazzling imaginary board game where you roll the dice and voyage to numerous exquisite and interactive boards! In PRIZE KINGDOMS, you'll form your boards, take pleasure in exhilarating mini-games, acquire uncommon totems, and MORE! Each board you discover boasts its private mini-games, covert areas and concealed treasures you need to uncover!

Be kindhearted or malicious! You get the chance to pilfer your pals' gold and obliterate their bases! Alternatively, be compassionate and merge up with clubs to contest for the grandest rewards!

PRIZE KINGDOMS is the only multiplayer board game that allows you to:
-Merge rolling the dice and constructing your empire, with several boards to triumph over!
-Explore numerous rare and unusual worlds, each comprising its unique mysteries to unravel!
-Accumulate tickets to enter new everyday sweepstakes to attain fantastic prizes! Rack up tickets for FREE, just by playing!
-Assault your companions' boards to split open their piggy banks and heist their gold!
-Unite with other players or design your group and join in leagues to earn mammoth rewards!
-probe intricate dungeons with winding pathways, heaven realms with crumbling tiles, ride a roller coaster, or jump on a rocket and zoom to space and surge with enthusiasm in exceeding a dozen thrilling extra rounds and mini-games!
-Activate PRIZE RUSH mode and observe treasures pour from above like rain while you vie for gathering as much as you could before your public moves extinguish!
-Accumulate several unique totems and totem skins, each containing its distinctive traits!

Acquire now and initiate rolling the dice in PRIZE KINGDOMS! As much as you progress, the more you will get!

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INK Games
Release date
Dec 14, 2022
Single player




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