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Game overview

In Prison Life RPG, choose your prisoner persona and face challenges to survive or plan your escape. Join gangs, craft items, and bribe guards.

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Greetings, inmates! You have been given a sentence to serve in the harsh Prison Life RPG, an intense Roguelike+Survival+Simulation+Role-Playing game. Your goal is to stay healthy, make allies, eliminate enemies, bribe the guards, bet on illegal boxing matches, and more, all while planning your escape or pushing for parole. With over 100 prisoners to interact with, you'll never be bored. You can play as any one of the 100 prisoners in the game! Engage in various activities such as watching TV, calling grandma, learning skills, crafting items, getting bullied, washing toilets, flirting with the pretty Doctor in Sick Bay, bribing guards, or simply idling around. Forge social relationships by making friends or joining gangs to increase your defense, fighting, and escape power, but be careful not to offend the wrong prisoners or they'll beat you up or even kill you. Plot and plan your unique escape route from prison by collecting the right tools and talents to pull off the perfect plan.
There are four gangs to join and climb up the ranks, 18 skills to learn and master, and 80+ items to collect or craft. You can recruit up to 7 inmates in your escape plan, earn 126 nicknames/achievements, and take on 20+ different jobs. With different ways to escape from prison, such as arranging early parole with a lawyer, committing suicide, becoming the gang leader, or breaking out with an escape team, the choice is yours. Beware, however, as you will die plenty of times before you can finally taste freedom!
This premium game does not have any ads or in-app purchases, with the construction of the prison alone taking more than a year! The deep and challenging gameplay will lock you up for hours. Follow the Warden on Twitter for updates, read the survival guide for tips, and discuss prison life and reviews on Toucharcade and Reddit. The game has been positively reviewed by FantaBobGames, modern jamming, idownloadblog, Indie Love, and iPhonefaq. Play Prison Life RPG and see how long you can last in this unforgiving digital prison.
Release date
Mar 31, 2015
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Prison life RPG: I killed every inmate!Andy TOSKOVIC
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