Prince & Excalibur

Prince & Excalibur

XiaoBo Li
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Game overview

A solo-developed indie ARPG based on Western European legends. Play as a prince on a quest to find the Holy Sword and save his love.

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In this true independent game, the story draws inspiration from Western European legends, which is just as popular as the well-known Eastern myth "Journey to the West". The mere mention of the "sword in the stone" will resonate with most people. The game features the appearance of the prince and Merlin.

Created entirely by one person, this game took a lot of time to perfect. While the author had some help from Zhen in the art department, there are still a few shortcomings in the game. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome via email. Additionally, if you are interested in investing in the development of new products, please reach out to the developer.

The game's storyline revolves around the prince's journey to protect the Holyland and find his true love under the guidance of Meilin. Your task is to help the prince find the sword and rescue his love.

The game has a Diablo-like Arts-Role Playing-Game style where players must kill monsters and collect props to build their hero through skill points and equipment. The painting style of this game is very unique with a 2D expression, somewhat resembling the Japanese VANILLAWARE style.

There are four main levels in the game. Additionally, there is a hidden chaos level where different dates offer different items and experience multiplied. Be warned that the game is quite challenging.

Players assume the role of the prince, who embarks on his quest to rescue his love by finding the Holy Sword. This game was developed almost entirely by one person, with some art help from ZHEN. The development process is quite arduous, but the result is a captivating game that immerses the player into a thrilling adventure.
XiaoBo Li
Release date
Jun 08, 2020

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