Police Girls on the Case!

Police Girls on the Case!

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Prove your worth as a police officer in Unit 304 by solving a crime with a new commanding officer, a trickster, and a mysterious informant.

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If policing flows in your veins, then the burden of the badge feels heavier than that of others. With an explosion in the park outside the station, a golden opportunity arises to prove your worth. However, things are not so simple, especially when your team, Unit 304, is known for having unruly members. The arrival of a new commanding officer makes things even more complicated. Furthermore, a mysterious stranger offers help, but can you hold everything together to solve the crime?

Lieutenant Rin Kamiya, your new commanding officer, is a law-abiding, straightlaced, and an uptight person who abides by the rules. She becomes outraged when she is shown up and ridiculed by others. With Runa Hasegawa as her trickster subordinate and a civilian informant as a covert agent, Rin faces challenges that go against her character and her way of doing things. Can you rise to the occasion and teach her how to be a true leader?

Runa Hasegawa, your mischievous and manipulative friend and ally since your academy days, is a gifted detective who thinks outside the box. She is willing to bend the rules to get the job done. She has often delivered decisive results using her unorthodox approaches. However, can you still maintain your friendship and keep the team together when loyalty comes into question?

Yuuki Sakakibara, the self-proclaimed "world's greatest private detective," is an enigma. When she appears, she seems to know everything, but at what price? Yuuki is adept at gathering information and keeping secrets. However, she generates more inquiries than she is willing to trade answers. Can you get close enough to her to understand her real objectives?

In this thrilling game, you must prove your worth, make tough decisions and prevent the team from any internal strife to solve the crime. Can you diffuse the situation and apprehend the perpetrators before it's too late?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Release date
Jan 12, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Police Girls on the Case! Rin EndingYokoso Araya
Police Girls on the Case! Runa EndingYokoso Araya
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