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Pocket Knights 2

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Game overview

Summon over 100 knights and heroes to fight legendary monsters and raid dragon's dens. Collect epic loot, ride dragons, and battle in the PVP arena.

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Pocket Knights2 is the winner of the 2018 Google Play Global Featuring and has been downloaded over 11 million times all over the world. Join the 5th Anniversary Celebration and experience the adventure in this unique and casual game world. In Titan's world, dragons, knights, and wizards coexist in harmony. However, dark forces threaten to destroy everything that exists. Protect the fate of the world by joining forces with other heroes and guilds to fight against legendary monsters and raid the dragon's dens. Collect epic loot and gain tremendous power. Experience fairy tales, dungeons, dragons and mystical heroes. In addition, battle other players in PVP battles in the arena and Guild Wars. Become the mobile legend of this world by starting your epic adventure in Pocket Knights 2.

Dragon City on floating islands is where Titans create floating islands, and dragons build their city, attracting many races such as elves, humans, orcs, angels, gods, demons, and other mysterious creatures. Everyone comes together to protect the fate of the world.

Choose from over 100 knights, heroes, and monsters with unique backgrounds from different cultures to create an elite fantasy dream team to fight with. Order them to collect loot, conquer different regions, or start heroic wars. Their fate solely depends on your decisions. Train your team, make them stronger and lead them towards victory.

Find and defeat bosses to acquire vast amounts of treasure that randomly refresh in the world every day. With over 50 mounts to collect from different worlds, including various dragon mounts, ride different mounts in Dragon City and showcase them to your friends or other knights.

With over 50 fashionable outfits to collect and choose from, including makeup and multiple hairstyles, create your unique and fabulous avatar.

Recruit and upgrade over 100 heroes from different positions, strategically combine them to unleash unique and fantastic combo skills. Master abilities to defeat even the most powerful enemies, arrange your best teams strategically for crucial assistance, and collect powerful gears to improve your combat skills and deal massive damage.

Dominate the Arena, participate in Guild wars, and climb your way to the top. Team up with players worldwide and collect valuable resources to start Team Instances. Take on difficult battles for bigger rewards, explore hidden spots for powerful equipment and loot.

If you need support or encounter difficulties, kindly reach out to us at PKsupport@mngo.com, visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Pocketknights2 or join our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/h9zknM9. Start your epic journey in Pocket Knights2 and become the hero that the world needs!
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Release date
May 08, 2017
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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