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Pocket Egypt City: build, collect resources, upgrade buildings, unlock maps & characters. Daily benefits, challenging gameplay. Quick, fun Egyptian construction game.

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Enter the captivating world of Pocket Egypt City, a unique Egyptian construction game that will put your building skills to the test. Develop and upgrade buildings at your own pace with the freedom to collect various resources and plan each piece of land carefully. With diverse maps to choose from, you'll unlock towns, oases, and deserts to travel through and upgrade, while winning prizes and benefits along the way.

Upgrade buildings consistently to attain higher levels and even more stylish forms. Gain more gold coins in high-level homes, and experience faster income where gold coins can be conveniently collected automatically post-upgrade. A vast array of maps await you, each with various beautiful building upgrades to unlock and new gameplay challenges to solve.

Choose from a variety of character skins, automatically hiring characters that need no operation to function. Experience faster speed, better physical strength, and a higher work efficiency as your characters level up. Enjoy an array of daily benefits that never seem to end - from sun packs and turntable lottery to limited-time treasure chests, gold coins, diamonds, and coupons that offer more opportunities to task yourself with challenges and unlock buildings.

With an easy and quick start experience, you can earn income by merely hanging up, making it a perfect game to play in your free time. Constantly construct and develop the region to create a beautiful Egyptian city that attracts admiration. The fun never really ends with daily benefits and super-fast gold coins. Unlock beautiful maps that offer fresh perspectives, and explore the most challenging gameplay that will push your skills to their limits.
Release date
Sep 30, 2022
Single player