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Pocket Cowboys

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Pocket Cowboys is a Wild West-themed, class-based, real-time strategy game where players choose actions and engage in multiplayer shootouts. Collect and upgrade unique character classes.

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Pocket Cowboys is a thrilling, real-time and class-oriented strategy game set in the rule-free Wild West. All players make their moves in secret, then reveal the choices at the same time - will you choose to move, shoot or reload in order to win the multiplayer showdown?

You'll find yourself in a dusty town called Dry Brush, where classic cowboy duels are a daily routine. You'll have to build your own gang of the most wanted and fearless cowboys by collecting and upgrading one of the 12 unique character classes, such as the Trapper, Sniper, or Demolitionist, unlocking their skills and kit. The longer you stay alive and the more enemies you down, the more bounty there will be on your head.

But be warned, Pocket Cowboys is not for the faint-hearted. You'll need to smartly strategize to stay on top of the game. Weekly event matches, direct matches, and map events like dust storms, which keep the match durations short, will test your skills.

Pocket Cowboys presents a myriad of features that make this game a true sensation. Enjoy real-time PvP action with 4-player, 3-minutes deathmatches. Unlockable skills and gear to equip your cowboys with add to the tactical gameplay. Helper characters increase your odds of survival while hazard characters add some luck and test your strategy. And, more importantly, the game is all about becoming the most notorious cowboy of them all.

So, join the ride. This Wild West adventure will have you coming back for more. An internet connection is required to play Pocket Cowboys. Follow Pocket Cowboys App on social media and for customer support, send an email to pc-help@foglo.se. Privacy Policy: foxglovestudios.se/privacy.
Foxglove Studios AB
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