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Plushies Restaurant

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Game overview

A restaurant management game where you create and customize a restaurant with plushies, leave the rest to them and develop menus through puzzles.

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Have you ever wanted to run a restaurant designed exclusively for plushies, by plushies? Well, now you can! This game lets you be the owner of your own restaurant and create an atmosphere that's cozy and relaxing. The best part is, once you've set everything up, you can simply sit back and watch as your plushie employees take care of the rest.

The game features a highly flexible system where you can arrange furniture and design your shop however you please. And with the free dress-up option, you can customize your plushie employees to match your restaurant's style. You can even exchange parts to give them a unique look.

As the owner, your main task is to manage the restaurant by registering designated plushies to upgrade the island, developing new menus with puzzles, setting menus, purchasing furniture and clothes (all with in-game money), dispatching plushies to part-time jobs, and visiting other players' restaurants.

If that's not enough, you can also take instant camera-like photos to remember your favorite moments in the game. The best part is that almost all content is available to enjoy without charging, but banner ads will always be included with optional rewarded video ads. You can even release banner ads and purchase new restaurants with the in-app purchase.

In this game, it's all about creating the perfect restaurant for your plushie customers. So, what are you waiting for? Start designing and managing your restaurant today!
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