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In Pixiel Dreadwager, battle enemy hordes and upgrade skills using collected chips. Additionally, you'll explore a city's history, build relationships, upgrade weapons, and fight against corruption.

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Pixiel Dreadwager is an action-packed rogue-lite shooter game that takes place in the Pixygon universe. Accompanied by a solitary robot, Pixiel, you'll embark on an exciting journey through the Dark Forest in Amebrak. Your chief objective is to crush swarms of enemies using various skills you have collected and engage legendary creatures living in the forest.

In this game, players will face intense and dynamic survival gameplay, with hordes of enemies relentlessly attempting to corner and destroy you. However, by collecting chips, you can power up and reinforce your character by upgrading chips for various abilities. You have an array of weapons to choose from, including lasers or rare elemental energies that can incinerate enemies!

As you immerse yourself in the plot, you'll have an opportunity to delve into the city's history, learn about the inhabitants, and forge relationships while developing the city. The target is to revive life in the city's epicentre! With each task you execute, you assist city residents in advancing their businesses and immersing yourself even more in the mysterious myths of Amebrak.

With the development of the city and the progression of the game, you can unlock rare weaponry that will significantly augment your game experience. By gathering resources, searching for rare creatures, and collecting their drops, you can gain rare abilities and skills that will help you fight off enemies with ease.

This game also offers an intense battle against corruption, which spreads according to your choices. As the player, you must decide whether to resist it or let it take over, determining the course of your adventure. Immerse yourself in this fascinating world full of action, adventure, and intrigue!
Pixygon Games
Release date
Nov 08, 2023
Single player

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