Pixel Mage Quest RPG

Pixel Mage Quest RPG

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Game overview

Off-line retro pixel-art RPG with sandbox gameplay, turn-based combat, and hand-crafted world in constant expansion, paying tribute to Final Fantasy and Ultima Series.

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Pixel Mage Quest is a retro-style offline RPG game developed to provide players with a mix of classic retro gameplay and modern sandbox functionality. This single-player narrative allows players to select their own path, whether they want to battle monsters, complete quests, gather resources, create special items, or capture companions.

This game has a classic turn-based combat system similar to old school RPG games. It also includes a set of collectible cards that players must choose from before entering combat. Get ready to test your skills against a horde of monsters!

In constant expansion, the world of Pixel Mage Quest is enormous, with villages, towns, and dungeons scattered around it. Keep exploring, solve riddles, defeat bosses, and find secrets because new content and improvements are being added regularly.

The game's pixel-art graphics are influenced by 16-bit retro games like the Final Fantasy and Ultima Series, and the game's design pays homage to the charming style of pixel-art.

Pixel Mage Quest is an offline game, and you can play it anywhere, anytime without internet connectivity.

As an ode to 80s and 90s RPGs, Pixel Mage Quest is a solo project designed to provide players with a nostalgic experience. Support this solo project if you can, and become a true legend of Pixel Mage Quest RPG!
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