Pistol shooting: Realistic gun simulator

Pistol shooting: Realistic gun simulator

LSH Games Studio
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Game overview

Experience the realism of pistol shooting with two aiming modes, adjustable targets, and a focus on the front sight alignment.

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Get ready to experience a realistic pistol shooting simulator like no other with the «Pistol shooting» game. One of its standout features is the ability to choose between two aiming modes, with the advanced "alignment of a front sight" mode offering a more authentic experience.

Most shooting simulations allow you to simply aim and shoot, but this game takes it a step further. The pistol's sight is made up of the front sight and rear sight with a cut. To shoot accurately, you need to align the front sight with the top of the rear sight and center it on the cut then combine it with the target. This is known as the alignment of the front sight.

In this game, you can choose to enable or disable the alignment of the front sight feature. With the alignment disabled, you just need to combine the sight of the pistol with the target using the joystick to aim and release it to shoot. However, with the alignment enabled, you need to align the front sight while aiming by tilting your device. This may sound more challenging, but it provides a more realistic aiming experience similar to shooting a real gun.

The game allows you to choose from eight different types of targets before starting your shooting practice. It also keeps track of the best result for each sighting and target, taking into account the number of hits and time taken. So, even if you achieve the maximum points, you can still improve your result by shooting faster.

The «Pistol shooting» game is the ideal way to master the fundamental principles of aiming a pistol or any other gun equipped with mechanical iron sights. With this game, you can learn to shoot with greater accuracy and precision, making you a better shooter overall.
LSH Games Studio
Release date
Dec 02, 2017
Single player

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