Pinball Crystal Caliburn II

Pinball Crystal Caliburn II

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Experience LittleWing's pinball games - realistic ball physics are implemented! Try Crystal Caliburn II with realistic ramps and three-ball play.

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Get ready to revolutionize your gaming experience with pinball - a game that is not just based on luck but also requires skills. With LittleWing pinball, you can learn the right techniques to master the game and appreciate the joy it offers. The ball movement in the game follows the laws of physics, offering an accurate reflection of your skills.

Once you've learned the pinball techniques, head to the arcade machine and try them out. You'll be amazed by how your skills translate easily, and you'll appreciate the beauty of real arcade pinball.

Experience one of the most popular games of our time, Crystal Caliburn II, which is well-known for its three-dimensional ramps, fast-moving balls, and strong flippers that compensate for the steeply sloped playing surfaces. The game is designed to offer a realistic experience with accurate ramp movement, and you get to shoot balls up at high speeds.

With its challenging gameplay and multiple features, including having three balls in play simultaneously, Crystal Caliburn II tests your skills. For high scores, choose the most effective combination of features to suit the current playfield. You can try playing the game without reading the rules and then read them again to find new tactics for enjoying the game.

Enter the world of Arthurian legend and Caliburn, where you meet the legendary figure of King Arthur. He proved to be the rightful heir to the English throne by pulling out the sword from the stone. The sword named Caliburn or Excalibur is the symbol of his power.

In Camelot, the castle where King Arthur and Queen Guinevere ruled their kingdom wisely, The Knights of the Round Table gathered to fight monsters and obtain magical treasures. Merlin, the powerful sorcerer, was always by Arthur's side, mentoring and guiding him through the toughest times.

As the realm started to decay, King Arthur and his knights set out on quests to attain the Holy Grail, the spring of eternal life, to save their land. Each knight of the Round Table went on a solo quest, and the kingdom was troubled with civil disputes.

In the Last Battle raised by Mordred, Arthur's illegitimate child, he was given a fatal wound as he killed Mordred. Instructing Sir Bedivere to cast Caliburn into the lake, the sword emerged from the water, swung three times, and disappeared into the depths. Arthur's body was taken to Avalon- the Glass Island by the fairy queen Dame du Lac and the witch queen Morgan le Fay, Arthur’s half-sister. Legends have it that Arthur may someday return to life and rule England again.
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Jul 19, 2012

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