Phone Evolution

Phone Evolution

Ela Game Studio
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Game overview

Travel through time, passing the gates, unlocking upgrades, and exploring the evolution of phones in this addicting game!

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Are you fascinated by the history of mobile phones? Have you ever wondered how they have evolved through the years? If you're curious to explore the evolution of phones, get ready for a time-trip like no other! The "Mobile Phone Evolution" game takes you on a journey through decades of technological advancements in mobile devices.

You get to explore several upgrades that have happened over the years, ranging from improvements that have taken place through years, weeks or even days. To upgrade your phone, you need to pass through positive gates, which will increment the current year of your device. As you progress through the game, make sure to collect plenty of phone cases and accessories to style your devices with!

The game also gives you a chance to relive some of the most iconic features that have defined mobile phones over the years. From using phones to make calls and send SMS, to playing games, sending emojis, saving photos, listening to music, sending emails, messaging via apps, sharing lifestyle details, screen locking with a simple swipe, and sending instantaneous thoughts in shorts – the game is packed with exciting features that will take you back in time.

Experience a fun and relaxing gameplay that is simple but addicting. The game boasts of stunning visual feedbacks that will certainly satisfy you as you progress. Don't forget to show everyone that you're the best time traveler by mastering all the levels in the game.

In a nutshell, "Mobile Phone Evolution" is a nostalgic and fun game that provides hours of entertainment for people of all ages.
Ela Game Studio
Release date
Feb 05, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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