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Adopt and raise your Pet Rock by feeding, cleaning and training it, and playing Rock Paper Scissors, with real-time monitoring, and new selfie feature.

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Get ready to adopt and take care of your very own Pet Rock™! From a tiny pebble to a mature and enduring adult, you'll have to be devoted to feeding, cleaning, training, and delighting your Pet Rock™ by entertaining it with its favorite game - Rock Paper Scissors; the whole kit and caboodle.

Never give your Pet Rock short shrift! Always remember to check on it with the real-time monitor that will display your Pet Rock™'s core statistics and any attention it requires to guarantee it never hits rock bottom.

And here's the kicker - as soon as the sun rises for you, it's rise + shine for your Pet Rock. Likewise, at bedtime, it’s nighty night for your Pet Rock too. Your Pet Rock is your constant companion, night and day, regardless of your location on the most massive rock of all- Planet Earth! Keep on rocking!

Update - You can now take selfies with your Pet Rock and share them with your family and friends.
Sabec Limited
Release date
Jul 01, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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