Peninsular War Battles

Peninsular War Battles

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Game overview

Control campaigns of tactical warfare and historical battles with a range of combat options. Research and conquer Spain and Portugal in Peninsular War Battles.

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Step onto the battlefield and lead your army to victory in Peninsular War Battles, where you'll take on the task of conquering Portugal and Spain alongside Napoleon.

Experience historically accurate battles with precise depictions of uniforms, flags and colors for each unit on the battlefield. Take on any tactical option you see fit as commander - with the options at your disposal, victory can be yours.

Assemble your army with a variety of classes, such as infantry, cavalry, and artillery. Different scenarios and missions will let you experience various combat situations, from forming lines or columns to skirmishing with the enemy. Winning battles depends on how well you combine the strengths of your different types of troops.

Explore the various campaigns available in Peninsular War Battles, including the 5 mission 'Tutorial' Campaign, 3 mission 'Invasion' Campaign, and 8 mission 'Assault' Campaign. Plus, all missions can be played from both sides, giving you an even deeper level of gameplay and strategy.

With 53 different historical models representing 66 unique unit types, players can choose from four categories of infantry - Raw, Average, Veteran, and Elite - along with 12 different troop classes, including infantry, light infantry, riflemen, light cavalry (light dragoons and hussars), lancers, dragoons, cuirassiers, 4pdr, 6pdr, 8pdr, 9pdr and 12pdr artillery and horse artillery.

Additionally, Peninsular War Battles offers a range of purchasable campaigns to keep players coming back for more, including the 8 mission 'Conquest' Campaign, 8 mission 'Engagement' Campaign, and 8 mission 'Hammer' Campaign.

Utilize the detailed combat analysis, map zoom, flank attacks, and strategic movement to defend your territory and outsmart your opponents.

Join the HexWar community on Facebook and Twitter for more updates on this engaging and thrilling game. And remember, the iPad version of this game requires iPad 2 or higher.

Take command, defeat your enemies, and emerge victorious in Peninsular War Battles - thank you for supporting HexWar's games!
HexWar Games Ltd
Release date
Aug 06, 2015
Single player

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