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Live on the edge with PathPix Edge! Solve 180 puzzles in funny shapes and sizes with different difficulty levels. Try other PathPix apps for more challenges.

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Step up to the challenge of PathPix Edge and experience life on the edge with its diverse and unique 180 puzzles that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From minute to supermax, expect over 500,000 squares to solve, with only a few tricky puzzles to keep you on your toes. With this extensive line-up of PathPix franchises, there's always a perfect match for every player, no matter what their skill level is. Whether you're a beginner seeking an intro to PathPix, or an expert looking for a wide choice of puzzles, including a few stinkers, there is a PathPix app for every taste.

There are different PathPix franchises, which include:
-PathPix Lite: Perfect for those who are new to PathPix and would like to test the waters first. It’s entirely free!
-PathPix: This next step up comes with 189 graduated levels, ranging from small and easy puzzles to larger, advanced level puzzles.
-PathPix Pro: Are you an expert who has been looking for a large collection of puzzles? Look no further with PathPix Pro, which offers 320 puzzles of varying levels of difficulty, ranging from medium to extreme.
-PathPix Zen: De-stress and re-focus with this relaxing and addictive franchise, featuring 99 beautiful puzzles, including an Advanced Levels sector with 12 special challenges.
-PathPix Joy: Keep that smile on your face! Enjoy 99 puzzles that provide many happy hours of fun. Perfect for players who want to challenge themselves, with puzzles ranging from small to large, and easy to advanced.
-PathPix Magic: There's magic of all kinds here! With 99 puzzles ranging from small to huge, and easy to advanced, you'll be sure to find your perfect match.
-PathPix Laugh: Tickle your funny bone with 202 puzzles! Each puzzle comes with a silly joke or quote related to the puzzle picture. With puzzles ranging from small to large, and easy to extreme, there's something for everyone to enjoy.
-PathPix Boo: Get into the spooky, fun, and silly Halloween mood with 99 puzzles designed for dark nights.
-PathPix Xmas: Get into the spirit of Christmas with 99 puzzles that celebrate the holidays. Whether you're looking for sentiment or silliness, you'll find it here.
-PathPix Love: All you need is love! Enjoy 99 puzzles with a range of difficulty levels.
-PathPix Max: Experience some of the biggest PathPix puzzles ever created with 114 GIANT-sized puzzles, featuring over a million squares in total.
-PathPix Art: This one is for art enthusiasts! Get maximum fun from 150 HUGE puzzles inspired by famous works of art. It even includes the largest PathPix puzzles ever created.
-PathPix Thanks: Celebrate Thanksgiving with 99 puzzles ranging from easy to expert level.
-PathPix Edge: If you like living life on the edge, this is the franchise for you! All puzzles come in various shapes and sizes, from teeny to gigantic, and range in difficulty level from easy to expert.
-PathPix Alice: Embark on a journey through 42 truly gigantic and colorful illustrations inspired by Lewis Carroll's masterpiece novel, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". Based on the classic Tenniel illustrations, each puzzle is unique and comes with the complete book included.
-PathPix Time: Welcome the New Year and beyond with 99 forward-looking puzzles. Perfect for anyone, whether you're a beginner or an expert, with puzzles ranging from small to large and easy to advanced.
-PathPix Hex: A twist on the original PathPix, with paths that wander about on a grid of 6-sided cells (hexagons). It might look easy, but the twisty paths can make for some tricky puzzles. This franchise has 179 puzzles that range in difficulty from easy to extreme.
-PathPix Bubble: Get classic PathPix on special grids, with squares and rectangles of different sizes. Wild and wacky paths can be expected. All puzzles are water-themed, from oceans to raindrops. This franchise comes with 160 puzzles ranging in difficulty from easy to expert.

Expect straightforward rules and complex puzzles with hidden pictures that come to life once you solve them. Connect pairs of colored numbers by drawing bright and bold lines of color. The path's length must match the numbers on both endpoints. If you make a mistake, you can draw backward or double-tap to erase the wrong path. Once completed, each square contains an element of the path, forming a miniature picture. If you get stuck, use the check button to remove incorrect paths. There are two ways to navigate the board while solving the puzzle: zoom to get an overview, and touch the screen to play where you want to, or pan to show another area of the board by putting your finger down without a number and moving it around. Overall, PathPix Edge is an adaptation of "PathPix" by KpixGames, providing players with an immersive puzzle-solving experience.
Kris Pixton
Release date
Jul 28, 2017

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