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Connect pairs of colored numbers with lines equal to their values in PathPix games. With graduated levels, over 1000 puzzles to choose from and a mini-picture reward, will you become a PathPix master?

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Indulge in PathPix and experience the thrill of drawing vivid and striking colored lines to create paths linking sets of numbered colors. The span of each path should correspond to the numerical values of the colors you are joining. There's only one method to solve the puzzle!

As soon as you accomplish the task, sit back and be amazed at the miniature picture that you have constructed. Furthermore, there's a quote waiting for you which is somehow related to the image. You’ll receive a sagacious or witty quote that you can ponder on as you move to the next challenge.



From small to extensive puzzles, elementary to more complex, PathPix has you covered!

Access to all the puzzles always.

Stuck or going down the wrong path? You can always use the new check button to remove inaccurate lines.

Adjust the squares’ size by zooming in and out using pinch zoom.

Scroll using a single finger.

Enjoy 189 gorgeous picture puzzles.


New to PathPix and not sure where to start? No worries! Here is the selection:

There are numerous PathPix apps available for your Android tablet or phone, and each puzzle set is unique.

---PATHPIX LITE: Is PathPix new to you? Download this free version to test it.

---PATHPIX: Totally hooked? Look no further. This edition has 189 intriguing levels, starting from small, uncomplicated puzzles to more advanced and extensive challenges.

---PATHPIX PRO: Are you a PathPix expert looking for loads of puzzles? This is the perfect pack for you, with 320 puzzles ranging from an intermediate level of difficulty to extreme.

---PATHPIX ZEN: A calming and obsessive experience! Discover 99 beautiful puzzles, including 12 exclusive challenges in the advanced levels section.

---PATHPIX JOY: Keep smiling with 99 puzzles of varying complexity. Small to large and from elementary to advanced levels - there is a puzzle here for everyone.

---PATHPIX MAGIC: Discover magic in all its forms with this puzzle pack! With a total of 99 puzzles, you have a variety of sizes from small to extensive and levels from easy to advanced.

---PATHPIX LAUGH: This game is not only entertaining but also hilariously funny! With 202 puzzles, each with a funny riddle or quote that corresponds to the image – you will have loads of laughing hours.

---PATHPIX BOO: Halloween or any dark night party will not be the same after you solve all 99 puzzles. The puzzles are spooky, silly, scary, and just plain fun.

---PATHPIX XMAS: Get in the holiday mood with 99 Christmas-themed puzzles that have a mix of sentimentality and silliness.

---PATHPIX LOVE: Love is all you need, and you will undoubtedly fall in love with this puzzle bundle. Offering 99 puzzles of varying difficulty.

---PATHPIX MAX: Take your PathPix puzzle game to the next level with 114 bigger puzzles, ranging from huge to gigantic! This awesome puzzle pack has over one million squares to enjoy!

---PATHPIX ART: An incredible and fun-filled 150 puzzles in PathPix Art will keep you hooked! Recreated on the famous paintings, they are some of the most jumbo puzzles ever made.

---PATHPIX THANKS: Show appreciation for Thanks Giving with 99 puzzles ranging from easy to expert.

---PATHPIX EDGE: Seek adventures with 180 puzzles that come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny crooked paths to massive challenges.

---PATHPIX ALICE: The original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland comes to life as you solve colossal puzzles based on the classic Tenniel illustrations. The complete book is included.

---PATHPIX TIME: Welcome the New Year with these 99 groundbreaking puzzles with varying sizes and difficulty levels.

---PATHPIX COLOR: Create puzzles using colors of the rainbow with this 150-challenging bundle. Each puzzle’s difficulty is distributed across easy, medium, and hard sections.

---PATHPIX OZ: Say hi to Dorothy and her colorful friends and solve 148 huge puzzles based on the classic illustrations of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. This bundle has more than one million squares to solve, and the complete story is added too.

---PATHPIX HEX: Take your puzzling experience to another level with 179 hexagon-shaped puzzles, starting from easy to extreme. The twisty paths make the puzzles challenging and fun!

---PATHPIX BUBBLE: Dive into the watery world of PathPix Bubble, with 160 puzzles spread across different shapes and sizes. The theme is water, ranging from oceans to raindrops.

PathPix is based on Kris Pixton and KpixGames’s PC game “PathPix”.
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