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Game overview

Party Hard: Tactical strategy game with unique ways of killing people at loud parties. 19 levels, traps, special events, playable characters, and Twitch integration.

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As you launch Party Hard, you might encounter a bug where the app asks for permission to access your photos. But don't worry - once you hit "Allow", you will be able to play trouble-free.

In Party Hard, you assume the role of a person who is fed up with noisy neighbors throwing wild parties. Instead of filing a complaint with the police, you opt to take matters into your own hands and eliminate everyone with your trusty environment and knife. The game's tactical strategy is centered on a series of party massacres staged across the United States.

The developers, who had previously focused on creating family-friendly games, took part in a game jam and designed the initial Party Hard prototype that TinyBuild supported, resulting in the creation of the game's full version now available for purchase on Steam.

Party Hard showcases semi-procedurally generated environments and focuses on innovative methods to kill its virtual characters. Conforming to the tradition of stealth games, the player's primary objective is to avoid detection while gradually eliminating unsuspecting prey. Blending in and dancing seamlessly during intrinsically suspicious scenarios may prove instrumental for your success.

The game boasts the following key features:
* An amusing story featuring a chain of murders across the USA
* 19 exceptionally creative levels, each with a different randomization pattern
* The option to use traps, cause explosions, and even play the role of a ninja
* Several unlockable characters
* Special random events such as bears wreaking havoc, coming to your rescue and destroying everything in their path
* The ability to summon law enforcement teams such as the DEA, SWAT cars, paramedics, and firefighters to the party.

With five playable characters, your options are varied:
* The sleep-deprived guy
* The quick, silent, smoke-bomb-carrying ninja who needs to stay hidden
* The cop who can move bodies without raising suspicion and can frame others
* The girl who can knock people unconscious
* The experienced butcher wielding a dangerous chainsaw.

You can even play Party Hard live on Twitch, giving your audience the ability to affect gameplay by spawning even more guests, calling the SWAT team, unleashing Sharknados, and other chaotic actions.
Release date
Nov 09, 2016

Gameplay & Streams

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