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Partia is a SRPG video game with a high fantasy setting, taking players on an adventure full of magic, swords, friendship, and betrayal.

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Partia is a stellar SRPG (Strategy Role-playing) game that draws inspiration from the legendary Fire Emblem and Tear Ring Saga series. Immerse yourself in a fantastic setting where magic, wizardry, and swordplay all intertwine with the bonds of friendship and betrayal. We at Imago Software are humbled by your feedback, whether it's constructive criticism or glowing reviews.

We take our player base's satisfaction very seriously, so please rest assured that we are constantly updating and fixing any bugs that you bring to our attention. Being a solitary developer (Imago Software is only two people!), addressing all the issues you raise can take time, but rest assured that everything is in hand. We are dedicated to making the game ever better, and will keep working towards that goal.

As a paid game, we understand that you might be apprehensive about purchasing it without knowing more about it. To help you make that decision, we invite you to check out this gameplay video by TouchArcade's Sanuku. You can also catch our own tutorials on our YouTube channel.

We take your feedback seriously, and we're committed to constantly improving the game. For example, many of you mentioned that the minor character development was weak. Going forward, we plan to add more dialogue to create a more complete game experience.

Some of you asked for more stages, and while we had random map generation in mind, the quality of the experience just wasn't right, so we had to scrap it. We were aiming for 25 stages for Partia 2, which would have wrapped up the story completely, but with only 600 games sold, we're unsure if we'll have the budget.

We also understand that some of you are experiencing issues, such as the lack of a restart button or attack options without valid targets. While we can't promise an immediate fix, we suggest trying to suspend the game and load the last save data to restart the stage from the beginning or pressing the cancel button if you choose an invalid target.

At Imago Software, we're always here to help, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have. You can email us at We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to improve Partia in the future.
Imago Software
Release date
Nov 20, 2012

Gameplay & Streams

"The Applause" | Fischer vs Spassky | (1972) | Game 6agadmator's Chess Channel
TO BYŁ MECZ STULECIA: Borys Spassky vs. Robert James Fischer, Partia 3, 1972 RejkiawikMarianczello Dominoni
Polska partia nieśmiertelna - Wstyd jej nie znać, a grzechem o niej nie słyszeć!Marianczello Dominoni
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