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Game overview

Par for the Dungeon is an exciting adventure game where you play as Cal the golf ball, fighting Bogeys and solving puzzles across 100+ levels with an arsenal of weapons and power-ups.

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Par for the Dungeon redefines the concept of golf and introduces a thrilling adventure game that promises fun-filled, exciting gameplay. Step into the shoes of Cal, the golf ball on an epic mission to battle and retrieve furry friends kidnapped by the infamous Bogeys. With over 100 levels, Par for the Dungeon guarantees an immersive and challenging gaming experience for its players.

The ultimate goal of the game is to get Cal into the hole with the least number of moves. Tap and drag to aim, increase power, and release to launch Cal towards the hole. While this might seem like a breeze, treacherous Bogeys patrol each level, making it difficult to progress. To combat these opponents, players can purchase weapons and traps from the store to arm themselves and gain an advantage over the Bogeys.

Throughout your adventure, you will encounter various locations such as quaint towns, snowy crypts, and fungal forests. Each level is unique and presents its set of challenges and environmental hazards such as elevators and giant fans. Completing each level efficiently yields stars and crowns to improve your rank and unlock new challenges and outfits for your character.

Par for the Dungeon’s arsenal consists of an array of items ranging from gravity gauntlets to fireballs. These items will provide you with another level of versatility against enemies in increasingly dangerous contraptions. You can choose from an extensive collection of outfits that you can unlock as you progress through the game.

Become a part of Cal’s adventurous journey and save furry friends from the treacherous clutches of the Bogeys. Par for the Dungeon is not your average golf game but promises a thrilling, action-packed experience for players of all levels.
Release date
Sep 26, 2023
Single player

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