Paperback Vol. 2

Paperback Vol. 2

Fowers Games Inc.
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Game overview

Paperback the game is back! Paige Turner has been cranking out novels of all genres and has a new set of tricks. Follow her journey to become a bestselling author!

Paperback, the deckbuilding word game fuses smart wordsmithing with clever combos. Based on the bestselling card game, it returns with Vol 2! Try out the new cards, new modes and new art. The advanced computer players can challenge the best players or work alongside you in cooperative mode.

Cooperative mode - play with friends even play alongside the AI
New massive card set - as you play, you’ll unlock new cards and abilities.
Advanced AI - can find the best words faster and challenge the best players.
New Art and interface
New mini-expansions - spacebar, dyslexic and alternate starting wilds.
New kitchy novels to finish!
Fowers Games Inc.
Release date
May 25, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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