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Save a Greek vase with at least one evil ball, while destroying all others, in this physics and brain training puzzle game with over 90 challenging levels.

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Goal: Save at least one Greek vase containing one evil ball by avoiding its destruction.

Background: According to the myth, Pandora was handed a box by Zeus with a warning to never open it. However, she opened it which caused the spread of evil throughout the world.

Gameplay: Save the Greek vases by avoiding their destruction from the evil balls. In addition, destroy the other blocks of the game by tapping them.

- A new and original idea for a physics game
- 90 levels that offer a real challenge and a chance to solve physics enigmas
- The game features impressive and colorful graphics that reflect Greek art and architecture
- A relaxing soundtrack is provided for the player's enjoyment
- A free suggestion is given for each level to help guide the player in solving the puzzle.

The game provides a total of 90 levels comprising of challenging physics enigmas, which adds a fun exercise to your brain training. You can use your creativity and imagination to achieve your goal while reflecting on the right moment to make the next move. The levels become progressively difficult as the game moves on, requiring you to employ different strategies to save the vases. The game provides an opportunity to focus and develop your reflective thinking skills, making it not a simple, but an amusing game.

The game is free and can be played on one’s mobile device. The enigmatic game has simple rules and requires touching the screen with just a finger. The mixture of challenging puzzles, colorful graphics, and soothing soundtracks reflects Greek art and architecture.

If you find yourself stuck on a particular vases stage or in any other part of the game, a free suggestion is offered for the player's guidance to direct them towards the right solution. If you experience any problems with the game or would like to share your feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to the developer at
Simone Mapelli
Release date
Feb 13, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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