Pakka Pets Village

Pakka Pets Village

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Game overview

Hatch, collect and raise over 70 Pakka Pets, and build your own unique paradise by crafting, decorating, and exploring a cute and bizarre world.

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Enter the world of Pakka Pets and explore a bizarre and charming place filled with adorably cute virtual pets. Your task is to collect all the Pakka Pets and build an amazing village where they can reside. With your creativity and imagination, you can create a unique and fascinating world and see how many pets you can discover.

To begin, choose your egg and raise a cute virtual pet. The choices you make about food, training, attention, and adventure will determine how each pet evolves and what it becomes. Your pet will continue to eat, sleep, and poop even when you're away, so taking care of your pet is essential.

In Pakka Pets, you get to build your own unique paradise by collecting every pet and creating an extraordinary village. The bigger the village, the more building materials, portals to new locations, and games you can unlock. So, explore every inch of the world to collect rare and fascinating pets.

Make your way into the big city by hopping on the bus and taking on story adventures with your beloved pets. Each pet has its own unique story path full of humor and wonder, making the journey even more exciting.

Besides, you can also decorate your room with hundreds of lovely furniture items, windows, wallpaper and even a tire swing to show off your style. Create your unique recipes by mixing any of the 250+ foods available in Pakka Pets, as you visit the shop and cook food with Chef Mitts.

With 70 Pakka Pets to hatch, evolve, and discover, over 120+ hand-written story quests, endless decorating possibilities, and the capability to create unique recipes, this game guarantees to keep you engaged for hours. Embark on this fun-filled and colorful journey and create a world of your choosing!
Space Inch, LLC
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