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Pacifix War Iwo Jima

Game overview

Pacifix War": Modern tactical FPS with up to 40 players in team-based multiplayer, including tanks, artillery, and drones. Realistic combat in stunning, immersive environments.

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Welcome to "Pacifix War" - the ultimate tactical first-person shooter game that promises to immerse you in the breathtaking Pacific War! As you enter the game, prepare yourself for intense multiplayer battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Equip yourself with a vast arsenal of weapons, deploy vehicles, and use tanks, artillery, and other resources to gain an advantage against your enemy.

Your battlefield awaits! Join forces with up to 40 players in two core game modes and engage in team-based multiplayer online battles. Tactical Ops (20 vs. 20) mode takes you on fast-paced skirmishes where every shot and kill counts towards winning. Your team's quick strategizing and firepower will take you to victory.

Are you ready to fight with every weapon at your disposal? As a down-to-earth infantryman, you'll drive tanks and vehicles, use artillery, and fight the enemy to the fullest. Choose from an extensive arsenal of vehicles, tools, drones, artillery, and air strike support to pave your way to success.

Our game offers you unmatched customizability options. Select the perfect gear that suits your battle style, and customize your build with hundreds of weapon components and skins. Your vehicles, tactical gear, and uniforms can be personalized to create your unique identity on the battlefield.

The real-world geography and incredible in-game detailing will amaze you and make you feel like you are fighting a real war. Our advanced ballistics, full body awareness, and vehicle physics features add an extra layer of realism, making every shot feel gripping and authentic.

Get ready to experience the Pacific War like never before. Play as a soldier, lead your team to victory, and become a hero. Join "Pacifix War" now, and get ready for the ultimate combat experience!
Release date
Jan 13, 2023




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