GamesOwaranai Yuugure ni Kieta Kimi
Owaranai Yuugure ni Kieta Kimi

Owaranai Yuugure ni Kieta Kimi

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Solve a disappearance case in a never-ending sunset island in "Kanojo wa Saigo ni Sou Itta no Kaishaku ADV", with a completion time of 120-180 minutes.

Kanojo wa Saigo ni Sou Itta" from Shu Production Deluxe presents a "Mystery-Solving Adventure" set on an endless island at dusk. The estimated completion time is 120-180 minutes. ▼ The story begins with an "unsolved missing case" ▼ "On the evening of the festival day, don't play hide-and-seek." That's the rule created by an incident that occurred on the island where I live. "If you do something bad, you'll be taken away by Yunagi-sama." ... It was the festival day 10 years ago. We were all playing hide-and-seek. Most of my friends were found quickly, but one... we couldn't find them no matter how long we searched. The next day and the next day after that, that friend was still missing... ▼ The vanished time capsule ▼ "Let's continue from 10 years ago" - A hand-written letter from an unknown sender came out of a box that we didn't remember burying instead of the time capsule we buried with everyone else. On that day, I was the "it" in hide-and-seek. If we are going to continue where we left off 10 years ago, I have to search again. I start to wander alone, with a letter in one hand, in the never-ending dusk... "It's okay now." "It's okay." My 10-year-long hide-and-seek has begun.
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