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Immortal's Legends: a watercolor idle mobile game with self-developed servers, sect battles, a unique double cultivation path and magical treasures to craft.

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Embark on an adventure of a lifetime in Immortal's Legends, a captivating mobile game set in a stunning watercolor world. Work towards achieving immortality while exploring other exciting activities like herbology, alchemy, weapon forging and PvP battles. Join the enchanting realm and begin your journey to ultimate ascension today!

[Game Features]

--Immerse yourself in a breathtaking watercolor world that honors ancient Chinese myths and legends. The awe-inspiring Xianxia world is designed with a traditional freehand ink style that enables you to experience the beauty and liberty of the immortal world without restrictions.

--Ease into gameplay with the autoplay feature that allows you to level up while offline. This way, you get to earn rewards and bonuses even when you're not online. You can also interact with other online players.

--Join forces with thousands of players on a quest to defeat demons and find treasures on your path to immortality. Immortal's Legends is equipped with dedicated servers that accommodate multiple players in social activities such as Sect Clash, demon slaying and handling foreign invasions. You no longer have to play alone!

--Form a Sect and build a community with other Cultivators. Being part of a Sect is exhilarating. You can participate in epic battles like Sect Clash and Sect Duel, among others. Build your Sect, make friends with other Cultivators, and collect resources needed to enhance your Sect's power.

--Select the cultivation path that appeals to you the most. Immortal's Legends boasts a unique [Double Path] cultivation system, which allows players to select the path of cultivation that best suits their preference. If you're passionate about martial arts, hone Corporia. Those who prefer magic can explore Magicka. You'll learn abilities, collect curios, tame pets, grow plants, create your magical treasures, and craft immortality pills in this world. Every step you take brings you one step closer to immortality.

We hope you find your quest towards immortality fulfilling and rewarding!
Release date
Jul 14, 2023

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