Outland Odyssey

Outland Odyssey

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Game overview

In Outland Odyssey, become a heroic savior and save the world of Avoria by conquering challenging quests and combatting monstrous beasts. Upgrade your gear and join the battle!

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Take on the challenge to become a heroic savior in a world filled with turmoil and danger in Outland Odyssey, an epic steampunk ARPG. Join charismatic characters on an immersive journey to become the true heroes of the Metaverse. Push your limits to conquer difficult quests, battle against the monstrous Zeds, rank up your Guild, and save your homeland from extinction. As restoration and destruction continue to battle, gear up and unleash your inner hero!

Avoria offers an action-packed adventure and a vast range of unique and exciting locations in Outland Odyssey. Commence your journey in Westbarren, and the sky's the limit to where you can go from there!

Outland Odyssey tells a story of hope and revival against the bleak background of impending destruction. Strength, courage, and bravery fuel the uplifting theme that inspires players to fight for the world of Avoria.

Take in the stunning cinematic visuals of Outland Odyssey as you encounter exceptionally crafted 3D heroes and Zeds in vivid environments and biomes.

Get ready for thrilling, fast-paced combat with exciting real-time striking and dodging moves that offer non-stop action. Players can employ a combination of standard attacks and directionally aimed special moves to defeat their foes.

Craft your own powerful gear with Outland Odyssey's variety of loot materials or Zed drops. Add these potent upgrades to your arsenal of weapons and armor to become the ultimate fighter in Westbarren.

Outland Odyssey is a pioneer among blockchain mobile games, showcasing blockchain technology in a custom-built game engine that maximizes the mobile gaming experience.

From the developers at Project SEED Game Studio, join the official telegram accounts and local communities for announcements and updates. Follow the game on Twitter and Instagram, and join their Discord server or check out their Youtube channel for more information. Unleash your inner hero and join the adventure of a lifetime in Outland Odyssey!
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