Out There Chronicles - Ep. 2

Out There Chronicles - Ep. 2

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Game overview

Survive and break free from a desert planet, interact with aliens, and uncover answers in this sci-fi graphic novel game adventure by Out There Chronicles.

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The next phase of the highly-anticipated Sci-Fi adventure inspired by Out There, the multi-award-winning game of space exploration, is now available for you to experience.

After escaping from America on a cobbled-together vessel, Darius and his untrained squad end up on a barren planet. He awakens in a wretched condition and finds himself stranded on a purple desert planet with no one but himself.

In this level, Darius must endure in a location that is almost as unwelcome as the locals who worship a mysterious Winged Deity. What happened to Darius' teammates? Is Nyx still alive? And how will he ever escape this damned planet?

Out There Chronicles provides a unique experience that is set millions of years prior to the original Out There. The origins of Arks and Cubes are revealed, but some questions remain unanswered. You will meet various extraterrestrial species and have the opportunity to learn more about their people, but you must first comprehend their language.

In this alternate universe that is unlike your own in both time and distance, intelligence and survival instincts are your only means of survival. You can make friends or your worst enemies with encounters with near-human and less-human races. Can you tell the difference?

As in the game’s original version, a single human being is incapable of standing up to the power of the universe on their own. Diplomacy is required when necessary, and opportunities must be seized when they present themselves in order to achieve your objectives.

Written with great skill by FibreTigre, who developed the original game, Out There Chronicles presents an epic sci-fi narrative that will thrill sci-fi enthusiasts and gamers alike. Benjamin Carré, France's most sought-after science fiction artist, delivers stunning illustrations, and a straightforward interface makes it easy to navigate the game.

With over 50 achievements, an interactive sci-fi graphic novel, a sophisticated dialogue system that will have you considering the consequences of your choices, and magnificent illustrations by Benjamin Carré, this game is not to be missed. Revelations about the Out There universe and captivating music by Siddhartha Barnhoorn will transport you to another world even if you are a new player.
Mi-Clos Studio
Release date
Jan 24, 2018

Gameplay & Streams

Out There Chronicles - Ep. 2 - Gameplay PreviewMi-Clos Studio
Out There Chronicles Ep. 2 - Launch TrailerMi-Clos Studio
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