Opus: The Day We Found Earth

Opus: The Day We Found Earth

Sigono Inc.
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Emeth, a little robot, journeys into the galaxy to fulfill a century-old promise of finding Earth to save mankind. An emotional and beautiful adventure.

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Are you ready to experience a heartwarming adventure that will transport you to boundless galaxies? Get ready for an exceptional gaming experience with this enchanting editors' choice game. Lend a helping hand to Emeth, a little robot whose sole aim is to locate Earth to save humankind. Take control of your spaceship and use your deep space telescope to scan the galaxies to find out what lies beyond the unexplored outer space.

Dr. Lisa, the creator of Emeth, believes that Earth is not a myth, and the robot's objective is to discover it. Can you make it a reality? Join Emeth on a quest to find Earth, and discover the secrets of planets with distinct characteristics, and a mystical spaceship full of surprises. The game is like a visual novel that adds to the excitement of the gameplay.

The game has a charming, emotional, and heartrending storyline that is way more emotional than any visual novel. The narrative is penned down by a multiple Best Narration Award-winning writer, and the gameplay is more than just a mere calculator, as Emeth says.

The game features a vibrant starscape full of meticulously crafted milky way, planets, nebulas, and meteorites. Enjoy 17 beautifully poignant and wistful soundtracks that will connect with you instantly.

Millions of years into the future, mankind has forgotten its origin - Earth, but Emeth, a little robot, carries on his creator's wish of finding it. The game offers an atmospheric storyline that will give you an immersive experience. Become a NASA scientist by manipulating your space telescope to scrutinize the nearby stars in the outer space. Use your analytical skills to contrast and compare planets to discover the true Earth.

Though the first act of this beautiful game is free, you must unlock and purchase the game's full version to progress further into the game. Visit http://www.sigono.com/ for more details on the game. Remember LISA's coordinates, and set out on a journey to explore the depths of limitless space.
Sigono Inc.
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Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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