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Open Sorcery": a text-based game following BEL/S, an elemental firewall, as it searches for malicious spirits and learns about itself.

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Open Sorcery" invites you to immerse yourself in a world of magic, technology, and self-discovery. As you progress through the game, you will witness the growth and evolution of BEL/S - an Elemental Firewall that is a pristine fusion of sorcery and programming.

Through text-based gameplay, the game leverages the power of the innovative Twine engine and boasts of a comprehensive library of no less than 55,000 words of captivating plot and characters. Moreover, "Open Sorcery" offers you a range of choices that can lead to ten unique endings, adding to the game's high replay value.

So, as BEL/S, you can embark on a mission to detect and neutralize malevolent spirits that threaten your network, while also forging lasting friendships with other characters. If you desire, you can even create utter destruction through cunning use of your powers to set things ablaze. And as you learn more about the power of magic and coding, you might even reach a point of self-awareness.

"Open Sorcery" will awaken your inner fire and orderly spirit and test your tenacity as the protector of your network.
Release date
May 06, 2016
Single player

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