Ooshige! Momohana Hanten

Ooshige! Momohana Hanten

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Game overview

Take over and revive a failing restaurant in a casual game set in a peaceful village, cook delicious food with over 600 recipes and evolve your chefs to compete.

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Prepare for a new casual restaurant development game set to launch in 2022! Welcome to the serene "Momohana Village," surrounded by the beautiful natural scenery. Taking over the near-bankrupt "Momohana Restaurant" due to certain reasons, the "manager" works tirelessly with the team of chefs to restore its prosperity. Gather abundant ingredients such as fish, vegetables, and meat, and create various new menus to attract many customers. Meanwhile, mysterious events take place in the area around Momohana Village, and as you investigate, you will uncover the truth hidden within the village.

The best part? You only need to play for 5 minutes a day! Tedious tasks are no longer necessary, meaning you can easily play during your commute, break time, or in-between remote work sessions. By consistently playing and customizing the decor, you can create your very own "Momohana Restaurant." Not only can you customize the chef and interior decor to your liking and goals, but you can also compete with other stores in the "God Chef Contest" once your chef's skills have improved. Achieve the best results and receive rewards - aiming for the No.1 thriving store!

Over 400 unique chefs with various personalities will appear in the game! As you learn and improve their skills, you can master the art of cooking and serve your customers with the most exquisite and delicious dishes. Additionally, with over 600 different recipes from various countries and regions available in the game, you can collect them all to create a tasty collection of dishes.

The recommended OS version is iOS 9.0 or later. However, please note that there may be changes in the recommended environment or device in response to future updates, and some devices may not function properly even if they are on the recommended OS version or higher.
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