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Game overview

Play the new scenario of "Wolf Game - Another" where your card and role can determine life or death as you search, judge, and escape.

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■■■ Differences from the original wolf game ■■■
① Different scenario
It is a new scenario where everything, including the person who draws the wolf card, the victim, and the trick, is different from the original game!

② Different characters
In addition to the original characters, three new characters are introduced!

③ Enjoy new features to experience characters
You can enjoy new features such as dressing up characters and nurturing bonds with them!


"Choose a card now."
"This is an important card that affects your *life*."

Suddenly, 15 men and women are gathered in a mysterious building.
There, they are caught up in a mysterious game called the "Wolf Game."

Each person draws a card and is given the role of either a wolf or a sheep.
The person who draws the wolf card must kill one person.
The person who draws the sheep card must correctly identify who the wolf is at the "wolf trial" and execute them.

A death game for survival and escape begins now.

■■【Game Overview】■■

① Exploration
Solve puzzles and secrets in the building while gathering information about other participants.

② Wolf trial
Fight with people who you think are the "wolf" with evidence you have collected and defeat them!

③ Escape
When you survive until the end, can you really grasp the truth of this "Wolf Game"? That is the key to escape.

■■【Additional elements】■■

① Participate in "events" where you can get luxurious prizes!
② Collect special outfits for your characters and enjoy "dressing up"!
③ Get the "fan book" as an early clear bonus!
④ Complete "achievements"!

■■【For Let's Play】■■

Thank you for considering our game! In "Wolf Game -Another-", there are parts that allow and prohibit video publishing and distribution.

・Main story (including true ending)
・Dress up costumes (appearance only)
・Distribution permission within the scope of the event story

・Contents other than the above
・Stories released by Wolf Coins
・Stories that are unlocked by point rewards or ranking rewards
・Special lines that can be read by collecting costumes

Other rules for secondary use are in accordance with the following link. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

■■【Material providers】■■
Pocket Sound
Sound Effect Lab
Taira Komori
Bitachi Materials Museum
Sound Effect Dictionary
Sound Effect G
Hifumi Theory
Free Sound Effects: GISOZAI
Yu-Giri Shigure.
Private Maibu
Kokke (Kosuke Nishimoto)
MFP [Marron Fields Production]
Tomonori Arai
Tsukasa Shita
Masaki Takao
Takashi Koya
Keido Honda
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