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Onmyoji Arena celebrates its 5th Anniversary with new stories, skins, and a collaboration event. Fair MOBA gameplay, with free Onmyodo system and innovative Battle Royale mode.

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Get ready to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Onmyoji Arena with brand new stories set in Unrai. Join the festivities and explore the novelties with the original shikigami Inryo. Leading the celebrations are Shiranui, Dodomeki and Hououga with their new Royal skins, along with Chin's Anniversary exclusive skin. You can also bring home Epic skins through the log-in event. And that's not all, a brand-new collaboration is arriving, bringing you surprises to kickstart your new year! Join the game now and immerse yourself in the festivities.

Onmyoji Arena brings NetEase's famous Onmyoji series to mobile gaming, retaining the original characters while providing players with a completely new MOBA experience. The game does away with the conventional paid rune system and introduces a free Onmyodo system, allowing players to enjoy fair 5v5 battles. Additionally, the game's art style has been expanded with School, Fairytale, Steampunk and other skin series, appealing to a wider range of audiences. Moreover, there are several game modes like Mahjong chess, Shikigami Defense, and the new 3v3v3 Royal Battle. Download the game now to experience all the various game modes.

The game features beautiful shikigami with an original voice cast to replicate the Heian world perfectly, retaining the elegant Japanese aesthetics from the Onmyoji series. The game's 3D models and Shikigami ultimates will amaze you, so summon your favorite Shikigami into battle now!

Onmyoji Arena is a fair game with no amulets required as it does away with the traditional paid system that affects combat stats, making each Shikigami equally strong yet unique. Each Shikigami has four abilities and two general spells, allowing for more combinations of abilities and tactics. The game also carefully evens out the distribution of power in the game, so there's a useful role for everyone. Innovative map designs and the Fog of War system make strategy even more critical, and the game is revolutionary as it connects top players from all over the world to test their might.

The Battle Royale mode is the first ever 3v3v3 battle mode, incorporating new features like multi-team battles, competition for resources, and fast-paced combat. Players will spawn from three locations on the map, and the combat zone is located in the center. The first team to seal 30 Shikigami wins. With tons of skills and balanced power, Onmyoji Arena allows you to battle to your heart's content. Download now and prove your strategic prowess on the battlefield.
NetEase Games
Release date
Jul 16, 2018



Unbalanced moba game, if your stunned your 70% dead

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