Only Up! 3D Parkour

Only Up! 3D Parkour

Timur Arslanov
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Game overview

Only Up: A thrilling parkour-inspired adventure where you control Jackie, determined to overcome obstacles and discover secrets while defying gravity and ascending higher.

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Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure to conquer the sky and uncover its secrets with Only Up! Immerse in a captivating world where each step leads you closer to the clouds, and every moment is filled with exhilaration. Would you dare to fly?

Only Up is much more than just a game, it is a journey that will awaken your senses and fuel your creativity. Take control of Jackie, a determined teenage girl from the ghetto who aims to break free from poverty and explore the world's wonders. Although the world may appear to be in chaos, this could be your chance to make a difference. It is time to take action and move forward despite the uncertainties you might encounter.

Push yourself to the limit and overcome challenges through this thrilling parkour game. With Only Up's unique 3D gameplay, you will move through complex obstacles, defy gravity, and perform heart-stopping parkour movements. Use your skills to ascend tall buildings and move through dangerous landscapes. The game is not for the faint of heart, but determination and practice will help you overcome any challenge that comes your way.

Experience the ultimate parkour adventure with Only Up, as it combines the excitement of a running game with the strategic thinking of a puzzle. Choose your path wisely and make quick decisions to beat the time. Collect power-ups and unlock new skills to enhance your parkour abilities, giving you the upper hand you need to conquer even the most challenging obstacles.

The awe-inspiring environments will leave you breathless as you elevate higher and higher and experience the world from a new perspective. Uncover perplexing secrets and solve mysteries as you continue on your journey, comprehending the true purpose of your adventure.

Only Up encourages growth, and there is always a place for improvement. Do not despair; every setback is an opportunity to learn from mistakes and become stronger and more knowledgeable. With determination, persistence, and the right attitude, you can move beyond what you thought was possible and make a lasting contribution to the world.

Are you up for the challenge? Download Only Up right now and initiate your exhilarating parkour adventure! It's time to defy gravity and demonstrate that you can rise above any obstacle. Keep in mind that in this game, the only way is Up!
Timur Arslanov
Release date
Jun 20, 2023
Single player


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