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Onitama: an ancient Japanese strategy game similar to chess. Use animal-themed cards to win the battle and become a true master. Play with friends online or customize with extensions.

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Step into the world of ancient Japan and indulge yourself in the thrilling and dynamic strategy game, Onitama. Bringing together the essence of martial arts, this game is fast-paced, and addictive. With only concentration and luck as your weapons, you'll need to master both your mind and body to conquer your opponents.

In Onitama, your aim is to defeat the master of the rival team by either capturing their elder or taking their place in the temple arch. Every player has four warriors and one elder at their disposal. The game mechanic, similar to that of chess, is easy to understand but difficult to master. The five cards in the game determine the moves available to both the players, corresponding to a specific animal. You'll have to stay ahead of your opponent by predicting their next move.

Staying calm and focused is the key to triumph in this elegant and simple combat game. The shrine of Onitama calls for foresight and analysis. Animal spirits will guide you on this path, leading you to gain true wisdom. From the game design to the calligraphy, every aspect is designed to make the gaming experience unique and unforgettable.

Onitama presents a wide range of options to its players. Play against the computer on your own or against your friends using the pass-and-play mode. Looking for a new challenge? Connect your Asmodee account and compete against some of the best players globally. You can customize the game to your liking by selecting from an array of additional boards, pieces, and music. The Sensei's Path extension offers 20 new cards to add to your game.

All in all, Onitama is an ideal game to stimulate your mind and de-stress from the daily routine. Play it alone or unleash your competitive streak and challenge your friends. Onitama is an experience that you cannot afford to miss!
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