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Onegai Shachou!

Game overview

Build and manage a successful company from scratch with Japans top social game- "Onegai Shachou". A real-life business simulator.

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Get ready for the latest collaboration version! The collaboration between Onegai President and Saka Okada is now happening! Saka Okada, the unstoppable and versatile Mahjong Queen with both skill and luck, has made her appearance as a collaboration talent in Onegai President! Witness the enthusiastic support of Okapi towards the president and enjoy the game! Come and meet her right now!

Onegai President is an innovative business management simulation game that has received high praise from working professionals. In this game, you become an entrepreneur and work towards becoming the top of the business world by applying your refined management skills. Take the new path of being your own boss where you have the power to make all decisions.

From scratch to a successful company: You make all the decisions that relate to the business such as store openings, recruiting employees, talent development, business expansion, negotiations, investments, mergers & acquisitions, international expansion, urban development, and all other business decisions.

Success is based on talent: Over 60 highly talented and unique employees are available in the game, including quick-witted private secretaries, beautiful announcers, cute maids, wealthy scions, dependable film directors and many other real-life personalities. First, recruit your favorite talent and lead them down the path to success.

Leave it to the secretary: A secretary is an essential accessory for every CEO, and in this game, the cuter and more skillful they are, the better and easier they become to manage all matters related to work. Additionally, the game includes a dressing system and secretary voice, ensuring you can perfectly cultivate your personal private secretary.

Win-Win is the key to success: Chat functionality, social functions, and trade unions are included in the game. By leveraging these functions, you can find suitable business partners who have similar interests and moods. By cooperating with each other, you can overcome difficult management challenges and succeed together.

Enjoy the life of winners: As the owner, you can make money and use it to purchase luxury items such as high-end cars, deluxe properties, and other extravagances. Experience the life of a winner!

App price:
The base game is free to play. Note that some in-game items require payment. Be sure to review the terms of use before playing.

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Help/Contact Us: Contact us at the following address for any inquiries. In the event you cannot access the game, please fill out the necessary items and send them to the email address listed below.
- Issues related to billing: login screen in-game → press “menu” → “charge order processing” or “inquiries”
- Issues related to the game: login screen in-game → press “menu” → “inquiries”
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