Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower

Pomelo Games
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Game overview

Play as a strong princess, fight enemies, escape the tower and beat the dragon in this medieval roguelike adventure game.

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Embark on a daring journey through a medieval tower in this engrossing roguelike adventure, and save the princess from captivity! Are you ready to face mighty foes and vanquish a fierce dragon to establish your supremacy?

If you are searching for an epic offline adventure, Once Upon a Tower is the perfect medieval-style roguelike game for you. With its distinct indie feel, comprehensive features, and impressive gameplay, you can put your strategic prowess and cunning tactics to the test while escaping from this tower.

Are you trapped inside a high tower, feeling like a princess waiting for help to arrive? Look no further because the valiant knight you were hoping for isn't coming, as he was devoured by the fierce guardian dragon lurking around. Good news: you can free yourself and attain freedom. Arm yourself with the knight's discarded hammer and show your strength, and let's venture to the bottom of the tower.

Experience a unique downward movement through the tower in this indie action game, with a remarkable roguelike aspect where each princess is powerful enough to leave the tower without relying on a knight in distress. Don't let the hurdles intimidate you; you can overcome the challenges posed by enemies and even defeat the dragon. It's time to unleash your true skills and let the adventure engulf you word by word.

With Once Upon a Tower, you can expect:
- Enemies who become more aggressive and dangerous as you slide down the tower.
- The roguelike construction ensures that every adventure is unique: if you fail, you must start again from atop the castle.
- Multiple princesses to release from the tower!
- A plethora of power-ups that strengthen your princesses.
- A plethora of action-packed moments!

Bend the rules of traditional fairy tales and embark on an adventure like no other. Once Upon a Tower is waiting for you to fulfill your conquering fantasies!
Pomelo Games
Release date
Sep 20, 2017
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Once Upon a Tower - Full Gameplay (from Level 1 to 12 until the Final Battle to Escape the Tower!)Prince Denss' gaming channel
Play Once Upon A Tower : Kill The Dragondigidroid
Once Upon A Tower - Escaping with chicken (0 deaths run)Ilya Light
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