GamesOld School

Game overview

Attend classes, navigate popularity contests, and customize characters in a 3D school world with interactive props and a teacher career path.

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Get ready to dive into a packed timetable with classes that are pivotal to your success and behavior that is entirely in your hands. A popularity contest is also on the cards where you'll have to survive and compete against hundreds of other students to come out as a winner!

The immersive 3D world is jam-packed with various locations, both inside and outside the school building. With interactive tools and props at your disposal, there are endless possibilities to make it through the day. Additionally, you can customize your camera angles to revel in the action from different viewpoints.

Hand-pick one of the preset hundreds of characters regardless of age, or go all out and design your own and save it effortlessly. And if you think that's the end of possibilities, hold on tight, as you can even choose a teaching career that presents its own unique challenges of imparting knowledge.

* The game is a bold exploration of how morality can only come into the picture after one has dealt with immorality. Please note, the game is not based on real events, and any relation to any person living or dead is entirely coincidental.
Release date
Oct 06, 2023
Single player