Oh My Yokai!

Oh My Yokai!

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Game overview

Attend Yokai Academy as the only human, and unite two worlds while making friends with Misuzu, Mio, and Ayame.

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â– Overviewâ– 

You find yourself enrolled in Fumikashi Academy, where you are the only human in a school full of yokai. Although you never believed in yokai, they are very real and all around you. Your mission as a student is to help bring peace between humans and yokai, but not everyone is happy about your presence.

â– Featuresâ– 

The cast of characters in this game are unique yokai with personalities that will capture your attention. Misuzu is a shy but intelligent fox yokai who fears humans. Your challenge is to build a relationship with her and help her overcome her fear of humans. Mio is a cheerful cat yokai who is excited to have a human classmate. She will be your first friend, but you will soon find out that there are dark secrets hiding behind her bright smile. Ayame is a cold and stubborn okami who believes that yokai should remain separate from humans. Her stubbornness presents a challenge on your mission to bring peace between humans and yokai.

â– Gameplayâ– 

The game is centered around building relationships with your classmates. It will be up to you to navigate through conversations and events as you interact with the various yokai characters. There will also be challenges you'll face along the way, and ultimately, your goal is to bring peace between humans and yokai. Can you survive the school year as the only human in an all-yokai school?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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