Oden Cart: A Heartwarming Tale

Oden Cart: A Heartwarming Tale

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Game overview

Manage your oden cart and listen to customers' gripes to help them blow off steam in this 100% free, story-driven game.

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If you're looking for a relaxing, story-driven game, then look no further than this unique tale of an old man and his oden cart on the outskirts of a small town.

As the owner of this humble cart, your job is to listen to the quirky complaints of your customers. These gripes may seem insignificant at first, but with each new complaint, the rich and complex stories of your patrons are revealed.

As you listen to these tales, you'll be surprised at the unexpected twists and turns that are uncovered. And all the while, you're helping your customers relieve stress and enjoy a moments peace.

Best of all, this game is completely free and there are no in-app purchases required. So, whether you play for a few minutes or several hours, it's the perfect way to unwind and escape the stresses of daily life.

In terms of gameplay, the goal is simple – tap or swipe the customer's complaints to listen to what they have to say. As you do so, you'll notice that your customers become happier, which, in turn, helps your bottom line.

In addition to earning more money from your customers, you'll also be able to restock your cart with different types of oden. Each customer has their own preferences, so pay attention to what they like and what makes them happy.

If you're looking for a game that's easy to play, relaxing, and full of surprising twists and turns, then be sure to check out this amazing oden cart adventure. So, pull up a chair and join the patrons of this quiet little town for a meal and a chat – you never know what secrets they may reveal!
GAGEX Co.,Ltd.
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