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OCO is a one-touch puzzle-platformer with 150 levels and a built-in editor for creating your levels. Compete in weekly events and explore user-generated content.

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OCO presents an ingenious one-touch conundrum platformer that has captured the hearts of both Pocket Gamer and Touch Arcade, earning them 8/10 ratings for its addictive and ingenious puzzles. Dive into the enchanting world of OCO and immerse yourself in its stunning audiovisual environment with uncomplicated controls that allow you to launch, rush, crash, glide, warp, and hang your way through 150 unique and carefully crafted levels.

Unleash your creativity and share your own levels with friends using the game's built-in editor, while exploring countless other user-generated levels online. Show off your skills and compete in weekly Speedrun and Marathon challenges to become the legendary God of Olympus.

This game offers various features for players such as intense one-touch controls, intricate and challenging puzzles, 150 creative levels, a minimalist design that's visually striking, and dynamic music that's randomly generated for each level offering you a unique adventure with each move you make. OCO also comes with a built-in editor that allows you to create custom levels to play with your friends or challenge them to complete your levels. Join the online community and share your work with over 60,000 user-generated levels and daily challenges, testing your skills with each level you play.

OCO has nabbed the position of a finalist in various gaming award ceremonies such as Pocket Gamer People's Choice Award in 2020, Google Play Indie Games Showcase in 2019, and Big Indie Pitch in Develop, Brighton in 2018. Download OCO and join a community of millions of gamers with their enthusiastic reviews, such as Snake Eye who praises the game as ingenious as Geometry Dash if not better and Fusi:3, challenging players to check out his levels and be amazed.
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