Nurtopu: Fetö ile Mücadele

Nurtopu: Fetö ile Mücadele

muhammed ismail gök
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Game overview

Muhammed Ismail Gok's first game, Nurtopu, tells the story of Ismail's rabbit's fight against FETO with blowing, horn, and arrow keys. No ads.

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Muhammed Ismail Gok's first game, Nurtopu, tells the tale of Ismail's rabbit's struggle against the terrorist organization FETO. The game is supported on Android 8 and higher, with hopes for lower versions in the future through updates. Conversely, if customers wish to enhance the game, new worlds and adventures will be added through updated patches. The game features blowing, headbutting, and directional buttons. No advertisements interrupt the gameplay. Have a great time playing and may Allah bless you. Leave valuable comments on your experience with the game.
muhammed ismail gök
Release date
Mar 22, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

FETÖ ile mücadele devam ediyorUlusal Kanal
Teke Tek - 10 Nisan 2018 (FETÖ ile Mücadele Ne Aşamada?)Habertürk TV
FETÖ ile mücadele ne aşamada? #tvnet #fetöTVNET
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