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In Nuclear Inc 2, immerse yourself as a nuclear reactor manager with control of the Chernobyl power plant. Balance resources to avoid a catastrophe and save humanity.

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Get ready to experience the ultimate challenge in this intense simulator game, Stalker! Can you handle the powerful atomic energy of an idle reactor and prevent it from causing destruction?

Put your skills to the test and perform the duties of an engineer operator at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor power plant station. Take control of all the mechanisms of the idle reactor and activate the plasma engines to battle against the invisible enemy - atom radiation.

Be on high alert as the atom radiation level is constantly increasing. Keep an x-ray dosimeter nearby and monitor the external radiation background using XRay while on the job.

Nuclear inc 2 is designed to provide you with a complete, realistic simulation of a nuclear reactor. As an indie game developer, the creator of this game offers a fresh and unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a nuclear reactor manager and experience pure, hardcore immersion. The dynamic gameplay, coupled with special effects, keeps you captivated, and tackling various emergencies such as earthquakes, fire, and other technological disasters, increases the thrill of completing each level.

This idle Nuclear reactor tycoon simulator consists of 12 challenging levels, each unlocking as you successfully pass the previous one. The first level serves as brain training to equip you with the essential skills of managing an idle nuclear power plant. Every level thereafter presents a chance to utilize new tools to improve your control over the thermal power plant system. The last two levels are named after ghost towns - Japanese Fukushima and Ukrainian Chernobyl, respectively. While these levels may seem impossible, proper resource management and profit distribution can prevent an energy reactor explosion and avoid a global catastrophe. Save humanity from a technological disaster and rewrite the outcome of the 1986 events. The safety of worldwide humanity lies in your hands!
If you think such an undertaking is an impossible feat, think again! Stay focused, and pay attention to all the resources and indicators to maintain balance. Keep an eye on the pressure and temperature in the reactor and ensure the gas turbine is functioning correctly. Neglecting to take safety measures can result in radioactive contamination and even lead to fatalities.

Features at glance:
• Similar to inc game style
• Elaborate training provided
• Realistic substation control system
• Fukushima and Chernobyl levels
• Offline mode, no dependency on WiFi or internet
• Realistic simulation of Nuclear power plant
• The game supports 4 different languages
• Simple graphics combined with hardcore gameplay
• The ultimate combination of casual and hardcore gameplay
• Upgrade power plant to receive more power, money, and safety
• Realistic simulation.
Release date
Mar 25, 2018

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